Hanato Vacuum Packaging Machines


Model : CV-400

Small chamber. For tiny and small things when you don’t need big size vacuum sealer.
: Sea food, Meat, Agricultural, Industrial product.. etc


Model CV-400W
Power (V/Hz) 220 / 60
Vacuum room size (mm) 490(L) X 430(W) X 170(H)
Sealing Length (L) 400 mm
Dimension (mm) 580(L) X 490(W) X 570(H)
Weight (Kg) 77
Pump capacity (L) 400 (20 mh3/H)

Model: CV-600W

Innovation of vacuum sealers!! Double sealing bars!!!
Deep and wide chamber!!! 10mm sealing width!!! 304 high stregth stainless steel !!


Model CV-600W
Power (V/Hz) 220 / 60
VAcuum room size (mm) 530(L) X 600(W) X 75(H)
Sealing Length (L) 600 mm
Dimension (mm) 742(L) X 672(W) X 980(H)
Weight (Kg) 178
Pump capacith (L) 600 (25 m3/H)