Heat Shrink Guns


Ripack 3000  

The new RIPACK® Series 3000 can wrap a Euro-pallet of one meter height in less than a minute with his heating power adjustable from 45 to 76kW.


Ripack 2200  

With 72 kW of power, the Ripack 2200 is the most powerful shrink gun on the market, with the Ripack Series 3000.  It also retains all of the key points that made its predecessors so popular:  safety (patented cold nozzle and securipack), robust construction and quality.


Ripack 2000  

The Ripack 2000 enables you to easily and efficiently wrap all types of merchandise. Its gas bottle operation offers unrestricted mobility, with no electrical connection required.

Its high power (up to 55 kW), product grouping on a pallet, wrapping different shaped products, protecting boats for winter storage, etc.


Extension Wands

Quick and easy assembly of one or more extension wands on the RIPACK® 2200 or RIPACK® Series 3000 heat guns.

All components are integrated and protected from the environment.

A folding arm rest suitable for RIPACK® Series 3000 provides increased comfort during use with an large extension wand by reducing its a counterweight effect

Use extension wands to work quickly and easily.


Jet Pack