About Us



Founded in 1988, Packmart has 3 business units


1. Packaging machines
2. Packaging materials
3. Mould release agents for the moulding industry


In packaging machine business, we provide complete solution for all packaging needs of your products: vacuum machines, twist tie machines, impulse bag sealers, wrapping machines, thermos (heat) sealing machines, tray sealers, hand sealers, heat shrink guns, carton (case) erector, carton (case) sealer/taper, etc.


We also provide packaging materials: food bags, coffee bags, vacuum bags, shrink film, wrapping film, metallic and non-metallic twist ties and tapes.


In mould release business, we distribute mould release agents (Frekote) and mould cleaners for rubber moulding, composite-FRP moulding, Polyurethane casting, rotational and plastic mouldings.


Our products are well known for their excellent material quality, high operating reliability and top of the class performance.


Our experienced sales executives and well-trained technicians are always available to ensure that the best possible solutions will be suggested, as well as to guarantee that installation, adjustment, and service after sales, will be performed smoothly.


Brands in portfolio: Supervac, Akby Ramon, Valko, Ripack, Kyowa, Hana (Hanato), and Frekote by Henkel